Hi there!

I'm Sengdao Inthavong, an Engineering student at Northwestern University who is currently majoring in Computer Science.

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My work revolves around visualization and data analysis through the use of spreadsheets to enhance the significance of computational statistics such as league records and accuracy of play.

Research Interests

I am interested in exploring and designing the procedures that artificial intelligence can use to identify trends, relationships, and patterns in order to enhance insights that solve challenges of online communities. However, creating any data-driven module must be restricted from moral misuse and that is a problem that computer science and engineering research tackles for the future.

My recent work delves into data collection and data management for the Raburn Series Premier League, a community for scholastic chess players and team chess enthusaists alike.



In my free time, I love to study chess and intrigue myself in the latest theory available. I also enjoy playing the piano and arranging covers of tunes that I pick up, one of my current favorites being the Mandalorian Theme by Ludwig Göransson. I have played both chess and piano since grade school.

Activity-wise, I enjoy soccer, volleyball, golf, rafting, graphic design, singing, and reading.